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China Professional P2e and P2f Series Servo Motor Nema 34 Planetary Reducer Customized Small Worm Gearbox planetary gearbox application

Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Energy & Mining
Weight (KG): 3 KG
Customized support: OEM
Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
Output Torque: 4.5-400N.M
Input Speed: 800-3000RPM
Output Speed: 30-1000RPM
Manufacturing method of gear: gear
Toothed Portion Shape: Involute spur gear
Color: silver, , black and so on
keyword: nema 34 planetary gearbox
Warranty: 1 Year
Packaging Details: inner pack: use plastic bag and foam box,reduction box. outer pack: carton or wooden case per set or based on customer’s request.

Color:Silver Or On Customer Request
Material:Housing: Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy
Shaft-chromium steel-45#
Packing:Carton and Wooden Case
Bearing:C&U Bearing
Warranty:1 Year
Input Power:0.06KW,0.09KW
Usages:Industrial Machine: Food Stuff,Ceramics,CHEMICAL,Packing,Dyeing,Woodworking,Glass.
Lubricant:OIL CREAM
Product Category Product Difference About Us Exhibition Certificate Packing&Shipping FAQ 1.Q:What information should i tell you to confirm the worm gearbox?A:Model/Size,B:Ratio and output torque, C:Powe and flange type,D:Shaft Direction,E:Housing color,F:Order quantity.2.What type of payment methods do you accept?A:T/T,B:B/L,C:CASH; 3.What’s your warranty?One year. 4.How to delivery?A:By sea- Buyer appoints forwarder,or our sales team finds suitable forwarder for buyers.By air- Buyer offers collect express account,or our sales team fingds suitable express for buyers.(Mostly for sample) Other- We arrange to delivery goods to some place in China appointed by buyers. 5.Can you make OEM/ODM order?Yes,we have rich experience on OEM/ODM order and like sign Non-disclosure Agreement before sample making;

Benefits of a Planetary Gearbox With Output Shaft

The output shaft of a Planetary Gearbox connects to the driven wheels, while the input shaft comes from the engine. These gears are interlinked and create a wide range of gear reductions, which are necessary to get a vehicle rolling comfortably. Gear reductions are the place where the various “gears” are located. Here are some examples. They can help you determine what you need for your vehicle. You might also want to learn about planetary gears.

Planetary gearboxes

Modern cars are most likely equipped with planetary gearboxes. If you’re unsure if your vehicle uses planetary gears, you should first consult your car’s owner’s manual. If not, contact your dealership’s service department for more information. Otherwise, you can do a quick search on the internet to find out whether your car has a planetary gearbox. These gearboxes are generally more complex than ordinary gears. Additionally, they are equipped with more parts and require lubrication.
In addition to their low noise levels, planetary gearboxes are also remarkably efficient at transmission. These features make them ideal for applications requiring high torque and small footprints. Unfortunately, there are many different types of planetary gearboxes on the market, making it difficult to find the right one. The following article will give you some guidelines to help you choose the right planetary gearbox for your needs. Let’s take a look!

Planetary gears

A planetary gearbox has two main components: the sun gear (also known as the central or input) and the planet gears (also known as outer or peripheral). These gears are connected together by a carrier to the output shaft of the machine. In some applications, it is necessary to use a planetary gearbox with lubrication to prevent wear and tear. A planetary gearbox also has a small ring gear that helps hold the planet gears together.
The main advantage of a planetary gearbox is that it uses several teeth that engage at once, allowing for high-speed reduction with a small number of gears. Because the gears are relatively small, they have lower inertia than their larger counterparts. Planetary gearboxes are compact, which makes them popular for space-constrained applications. Because of their compact size and efficiency, planetary gearboxes are also commonly used in motor vehicles.

Planetary gearboxes with output shaft

For high-speed, dynamic applications, planetary gearbox units with output shaft provide the optimal solution. Thanks to their low inertia, these gearheads deliver superior performance in many industrial applications. Additionally, their wide range of variants allows users to select the perfect product for their application. This article examines some of the key benefits of planetary gearboxes with output shaft. Read on to learn more.
The planetary gearbox has two major components: a sun gear and planet gears. The sun gear is usually the input gear, while the planet gears are located at the outer edges of the system casing. Planet gears are held together by a carrier that is connected to the output shaft. Before choosing a particular gearbox for your application, make sure that you check the specific requirements and the environment to which the unit will be subjected.
A planetary gearbox has less stages of gears, and thus lower backlash compared to spur gearboxes. Backlash is lost motion that occurs when the teeth of the gears are out of perfect alignment. This problem is common in all gears, but is significantly less in planetary gearboxes. As such, planetary gearboxes are more efficient. They can also be customized according to the specific engine model and motor flange.

Planetary gearboxes with carrier

A planetary gearbox is a type of gearbox with three or more stages. They have a sun gear, which is usually the input gear, and planet gears, also called the outer gears. The carrier that connects the planet gears to the output shaft is called a ring gear. A planetary gearbox is generally designed to meet specific application and environmental requirements, but there are some factors to consider when choosing one.
The compact footprint of planetary gear sets results in high heat dissipation. This can be a problem in applications with sustained performance or high speeds. As a result, planetary gear sets often include lubricants, which present a cooling effect while also reducing noise and vibration. Some planetary gears even feature a carrier to make the installation process easier. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a planetary gear set.
Planetary gearboxes with carrier have several advantages over other types of gearboxes. Unlike conventional gearboxes, planetary gears have a common central shaft, and the tangential forces between the gears cancel out at the center of the ring gear. Because of this, planetary gearboxes are commonly used in input/output applications, and their compact size allows for a wide range of gear reductions. These gears can also produce higher torque density.

Planetary gearboxes with traction

Planetary gears are similar to the planetary system, in that each pinion rotates around a sun gear. The output of the planetary gear unit is lower than the drive rotation speed, but the torque is higher. As the number of planet gear wheels increases, so does the torque. Planetary gear systems contain three to four planet gears, and each is in constant mesh with the others. Power applied to any one member rotates the entire assembly.
Typical applications for planetary gear sets include high-precision motion control. In these applications, high torque, torsional stiffness, and low backlash are required. Planetary gear sets are also ideal for motors with higher speeds. A number of factors contribute to the reliability of these devices. The low backlash and large torque capacity of a planetary gear motor allow them to be used in a wide range of applications.

Planetary gearboxes with electric motors

If you’re in the market for a new gearbox, you may have already heard about planetary gearboxes. The planetary gearbox is a high-efficiency, low-noise gearbox. CZPT manufactures high-torque planetary gearboxes with low backlash. They also make economy planetary gearboxes for lower loads. However, with so many different types available, choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging.
These planetary gearboxes are a compact alternative to conventional pinion-and-gear reducers. They offer high-speed reduction and high torque transfer, and are often used for space-constrained applications. But before you can understand how they work, you’ll need to understand a little about their construction. There are a few things to look for that you may not have noticed before.
The most common type of planetary gearbox is a PM81/LN. It features a set of DC brush motors with diameter 77mm, a stator, and two or more outer gears. Each of these gears is connected to an output shaft through a carrier. They can also be used with brakes, encoders, or a clutch. A planetary gearbox is one of the most reliable gearbox types on the market.

Planetary gearboxes with hydraulic motors

A planetary gearbox is a combination of two gears, the sun and the planets. The sun gear rotates at high speed, while the planets roll around and orbit around the ring gear. The output shaft has the same direction of rotation as the input shaft. The benefits of a planetary gearbox include high reduction ratios, efficiency, space-saving compactness, and higher overload capacity. These gears are also more stable and compact, and they do not suffer from self-locking properties.
Planetary gearboxes are a highly efficient way to power hydraulic lifts. They can be input via electric, hydraulic, or air motors. The drive arrangement can be mounted on a bare shaft, splined shaft, or a parallel keyed input shaft. Depending on the application, bespoke gearboxes can be manufactured with a variety of features and functions.

Planetary gearboxes with combustion engines

There are many different applications of planetary gear sets. The most common is the distribution of power between two wheels in a car’s drive axle. Four-wheel drives use two axle differentials, which are further augmented by a centre differential. Hybrid electric vehicles use summation gearboxes to distribute power from the combustion engine to the wheels and to an electric motor. Planetary gear sets also combine the two different types of motors to form one hybrid vehicle.
To understand how planetary gear sets work, it is important to understand the underlying mechanical principles. For example, Fig. 4.6 shows a stick diagram illustrating two planetary gear sets connected by a lever. The two levers are the same length, so the system is analogous to a single lever. When calculating the torque, it is essential to consider the lever diagram. Similarly, if two gear sets are connected by vertical links, the horizontal links must be horizontal.

China Professional P2e and P2f Series Servo Motor Nema 34 Planetary Reducer Customized Small Worm Gearbox     planetary gearbox applicationChina Professional P2e and P2f Series Servo Motor Nema 34 Planetary Reducer Customized Small Worm Gearbox     planetary gearbox application

china price Big Discount High Precision and Small Backlash Hpf Series Planetary Gearbox for Servo Motor manufacturers

Product Description

Exclusive Benefits of Our Goods:

one.Servicing-Free of charge,Life time CZPT .

two.Various Output Shaft CZPT s.

three.Specific Engagement.

4.Large Torque:Large Torque Output Than That of Conventional Planetary Equipment educers.

5.Minimal Sound:Underneath 68db.

six. Low Backlash:Backlash is under 10 arcmin . Backlash for 2-stage pace reduction is inside 12 arcmin.

7.Substantial Effectiveness:1-stage up to ninety seven% or far more,2-stage up to ninety four% or far more.
Inner Construction:

one.Equipment Equipment    2.Industrial Robots    3.Printing CZPT s    4.Textile CZPT s  

 5.Packing CZPT s    6.Non-common CZPT mation    7.Healthcare Tools  

 8.Measuring Equipment     9.Automotive Business    10.Satellite Interaction  

 11.Metallic Processing    12.Pharmaceutical Industry

Design Indicator:


Functionality Data:

Modle Stage Ratio HPF
forty two
one hundred twenty

Rated Output Torque



3 four.five 18 60 a hundred and fifty
4 fifteen 26 90 225
five 14 28 100 240
seven eight 20 70 a hundred and sixty
ten 5 13 40 95


twelve 18 30 70 165
fifteen 18 33 70 one hundred sixty five
sixteen 20 30 100 250
twenty twenty 30 100 250
25 eighteen 33 110 270
28 twenty 30 100 250
35 eighteen 33 110 270
40 20 30 100 250
fifty 18 33 110 270
70 10 23 80 a hundred and eighty
Output Torque


1 three nine 36 120 three hundred
four thirty 52 180 450
5 28 56 200 480
7 sixteen 40 140 320
ten 10 26 80 one hundred ninety
two 12 36 60 140 330
15 36 66 140 330
16 forty 60 200 500
20 40 60 200 500
twenty five 36 66 220 540
28 forty 60 200 five hundred
35 36 66 220 540
40 40 60 200 500
50 36 66 220 540
70 twenty 46 160 360
Rated Input CZPT


one,two three~70 3000 3000 3000 3000
Input CZPT


one,2 three~70 6000 6000 6000 6000
Permitted Radial Load


1 3~ten 200 400 1050 2200
two twelve~70 200 500 1300 2600
Permitted Axial Load


1 three~10 a hundred and sixty three hundred 850 1600
two 12~70 a hundred and sixty 390 1100 2100
Backlash arcmin one 3~ten ≤8
two twelve~70 ≤12
Performance η% one three~10 97%
ninety four%
Sounds Amount dB 1 three~10 ≤58 ≤58 ≤60 ≤62
≤58 ≤58 ≤58 ≤60
Working Temp ºC 1,2 3~70 -fifteen~90
Provider Lifestyle h 1,2 3~70 20000
Excess weight Kg one three~ten .4 one. 2.8 six.9
2 12~70 .five 1.2 3.8 8.1
Minute of Inertia(≤ø8) Kg
1 three .031 .14
4 .571 .095
five .019 .077
7 .017 .062
10 .015 .056
two twelve .571 .055
fifteen .571 .055
16 .571 .057
20 .019 .054
25 .019 .053
28 .017 .055
35 .017 .053
forty .015 .049
50 .015 .049
70 .015 .049


Rated output torque:With nominal input pace,services lifestyle is 20000 hrs.
Max.output torque:The highest torque when commencing and stopping.
Rated output pace:The highest momentary enter speed.
Max.input pace:The greatest momentary enter pace.
Permitted radial load:
    With this load and norminal enter velocity services existence will be 20000 several hours.
    (Utilized to the output shaft centre,at axial load )
Permitted axial load:
    With this load and norminalinput velocity aervice existence will be 20000 several hours.
    (Utilized to the output facet bearing,at radial load )
Fat:The fat may fluctuate somewhat design to design.



Business Profile:
        HangZhou CZPT Cisco CZPT nology is a company specializing in the investigation, development, manufacturing and revenue of industrial automation manage items. Based on industrial automation manage technologies with independent intellectual residence rights, CZPT business provides CZPT ers with CZPT and customized answers and grows together with CZPT ers.
       For many years, Dick Cisco has been devoted to the analysis and manufacture of higher-functionality, higher-efficiency , high-precision sequence reducers and miniaturized, smart and specific series motors , and CZPT firm has introduced CZPT substantial-overall performance and higher-performance reducers and Standard-function and specific-goal motors , jointly top the transformation and advancement of industry products.
      Our principal products are: precision planetary reducers, stepper motors, electronic stepper drives, stepper servo programs and CZPT / worm reducers, which are extensively utilized in automation management,  precision machining,  gang space engineering,  client merchandise,  medical CZPT ry,  robots,  underwater amenities,  textiles,  semiconductor tools,  packaging machinery,  dealing with machinery,  and manufacturing facility automation which  require regions of precise positioning,  high precision,  automatic aiming,  and computerized recording. 
      Dick Cisco will carry on to provide the sector with high-top quality, large-precision, reduced power intake,  miniaturized and smart transmission products.

Q1:How to choose modle?
      According to your specifications, CZPT skilled income personnel will recommend the corresponding model and ratio for you.
Q2:What are your rewards?
     1.We are an integrated market and trade company, which can better make sure creation quality, enough provide, value edge, and brief shipping and delivery time.
     2.Beneath the premise of making sure solution high quality, we have a lot more aggressive charges.
     3.We offer total expert solutions,  foreign language proficient engineers will supply you with assortment help, set up assist, and use help, from pre-income to put up-sales, to ensure your expertise.
Q3:Are samples CZPT ?
     Of course you can require for samples to check the high quality of CZPT merchandise. You only require to pay freight and a little expense to get this sample.

china  price Big Discount High Precision and Small Backlash Hpf Series Planetary Gearbox for Servo Motor manufacturers

china manufacturer manufacturer sales NEMA Low Backlash Precision Round Square Flange Supr Gear Planetary Reducer Speed Transmission Gearbox for Stepper and Servo DC Motor manufacturers

Item Description

Solution Description


The reducer is normally utilised for reduced-velocity and substantial-torque transmission products. The motor, inner combustion motor or other large-velocity working CZPT is utilized to attain the goal of deceleration by meshing with the massive equipment on the output shaft by means of a equipment with a small number of enamel on the enter shaft of the reducer. The reducer will also have several pairs of gears with the identical principle to obtain the excellent reduction impact. The ratio of the quantity of enamel of the massive and tiny gears is the transmission ratio.


 Planetry Gearbox L1 4 25
5 28
seven 20
ten 10
L2 16 30
twenty 30
twenty five 32
28 30
35 30
forty 25
50 25
70 20
Adapted motor Stepper CZPT / Servo CZPT
Rated Enter CZPT (rpm) 3000/min
Max Input CZPT (rpm) 6000/min
Backlash L1 ≤5-10 Arcmin
L2 ≤10-fifteen Arcmin
Fault quit torque(N.m) 2 instances of rated torque
Efficiency L1 96%
L2 94%
Average existence span 20000h
Operating temperature -10°~+90°
Nosie  ≤60 db
Weight (kg) L1 0.seventy five-3.5
L2 0.ninety five-4.five
IP 54
Installation strategy Any installation method



Production Assortment


forty two Sequence Planetary Gearbox

Backlash: 10-fifteen arcmin

Ratio Assortment:

L1: 4,5,7,10,

L2: 12,sixteen,20,twenty five,28,35,forty,fifty,70

Body Dimension: 42mm Enter Flange

Gear Arrangement: Planetary Straight Teeth

60 Series Planetary Gearbox

Backlash: 10-15 arcmin

Ratio Selection:
L1: 4,5,7,ten,
L2: 16,20,25,28,35,40,fifty,70
Body Dimension: 60mm Enter Flange
Gear Arrangement: Planetary Straight Tooth

ninety Series Planetary Gearbox

Backlash: 10-15 arcmin
Ratio Assortment:
L1: 4,5,7,ten,
L2: 16,20,twenty five,28,35,40,fifty,70
Body Dimension: 90mm Enter Flange
Equipment Arrangement: Planetary Straight Tooth

Powder CZPT Series Planetary Gearbox

Backlash: 10-fifteen arcmin
Ratio Choice:
L1: 4,5,7,10,
L2: 16,twenty,twenty five,28,35,40,fifty,70
Body Dimension: 42mm & 57mm
Gear Arrangement: Planetary Straight Tooth

Proper CZPT le Sequence Planetary Gearbox

Backlash: ten-15 arcmin
Ratio Variety:
L1: 4,5,7,10,

L2: sixteen,20,25,28,35,forty,fifty,70
Body Dimension: 60mm & 90mm
Gear Arrangement: Planetary Straight Teeth


Application Area

Automatic Arms


Assembly Line




Health care -Products




Tapping CZPT


Other CZPT mation Gadgets


Why Select Us


ZheJiang CZPT CZPT Gear Transmission Co., Ltd






ZheJiang CZPT CZPT Gear Transmission Co., Ltd located in HangZhou metropolis, ZheJiang Province, CZPT . It is a foremost organization committed in precision transmission elements and technique research, manufacture and product sales, CZPT series of items are manufactured in its 5000 square meters workshop, the precision planetary gearbox and equipment motor are developed especially for photo voltaic vitality market and have served a lot of huge-scale solar initiatives CZPT ly. 

The investigation group has far more than fifteen years experiences in this subject, who can make certain a punctual and effective provider to meet CZPT er’s particular needs. It has pasted the ISO9001 quality management method and CE, products have been exported to tons of countries with a extensive selection application in AGV, clever robotic, logistic, industrial automation, solar strength, vessel, packaging and textile and many others.Constantly, CZPT aim is to promote the application of photo voltaic CZPT market in the world, and we believe it offers thoroughly clean and sustainable energy for humanity to better shield CZPT surroundings.





Q:Which regions are your goods largely employed in?

A:At current, we have two major items: precision planetary equipment reducer and solar geared motor. Most of the precision planetary reducers are used in automation fields, this sort of as health-related gear, 3D printers, door openers, tapping machines, CNC lathes and a series of automation tools. In addition, CZPT photo voltaic geared motors are utilised in photovoltaic CZPT technology assignments, which are mostly mixed with rotary drives to travel photo voltaic panels to keep track of daylight.
Q : How to pick the suitable planetary gearbox?
A :1st of all, we want you to be capable to provide pertinent parameters. If you have a motor drawing, it will allow us suggest a suited gearbox for you CZPT er. If not, we hope you can give the subsequent motor parameters: output velocity, output torque, voltage, recent, IP, sound, operating conditions, motor dimension and CZPT , etc.
Q : What is the price ?
A : The major figuring out element for the price tag of every single solution is the order quantity. You can connect with us and enable us comprehend every other. I think that CZPT rates, solution quality and CZPT services can certainly make you happy.

Q : Do you provide CZPT ized provider?

A: Indeed, we supply CZPT ized providers. You only want to set forward your demands, and we will do CZPT greatest to give you with a strategy, make ideas, and try CZPT greatest to meet your demands.



china  manufacturer  manufacturer  sales NEMA Low Backlash Precision Round Square Flange Supr Gear Planetary Reducer Speed Transmission Gearbox for Stepper and Servo DC Motor manufacturers

china Cost Zd High Precision and Helix Gear Round 90mm Ae Series Planetary Gearbox for Servo Motor manufacturers

Merchandise Description

ZD CZPT CZPT and CZPT x Gear Spherical 90mm AE Sequence Planetary Gearbox for Servo CZPT

Solution Description

AE Collection Planetary Gearbox moreover adds CZPT and rear oil seals, uses the output shaft double help framework and style of CZPT x equipment, which makes the gear meshing  smoother and stable, the AE Sequence can be used in CZPT management transmission fields with servo motors. The backlash of the AE collection is significantly less than five arc.min and the reduction ratio addresses 3~100.

The Product Advantages of Planetary Gearbox:

1.Versatile structure design and style, in line with CZPT doing work conditions.
two.Ring gear processing engineering: Utilizing internal equipment slotting equipment and hobbling equipment the precision of ring gear following processing can achieve GB7.
3.Hardened gear CZPT ary scraping technologies: CZPT ary large-pace dry slicing of equipment removes gear deformation caused by heat remedy. Gear accuracy can attain GB6.
four.Reputable backlash testing.

How To Go through
90    AE    10    (  )     (S) – 40   T1
 a       b      c      d        e       f       g

a    Frame Dimension     90=90mm
b    Series code: AE     Round mounting flange series
c    Reduction Ratio     Solitary Stage: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
    Two Levels: fifteen,20,twenty five,thirty,35,forty,45,50,60,70,eighty,ninety,100
d    Backlash     Solitary Phase: ≤5arc.min  
    Two Levels: ≤8arc.min 
e    Input shaft sort     S: Total locking (Omitted) (Regardless of regardless of whether the motor has a keyway)
    S1: Locking with locking ring (No matter no matter whether the motor has a  keyway )
    S2: Locking with keyway (Input shaft with crucial)
    K: With keyway
    A: CZPT types (Remember to contact with us)
f Applicable servo motor CZPT (W),Remember to get in touch with us for distinct CZPT
g Please speak to us for the mounting sort of the flange


Spesifications & Information


Merchandise Variety Unit Number Of Phase Reduction Ratio 90AE
Rated Output Torque N.M 1 3 85
4 95
five 105
seven 93
8 eighty three
ten 70
two twelve 115
fifteen one hundred fifteen
16 130
20 a hundred thirty
twenty five one hundred thirty five
32 one hundred twenty
35 one hundred twenty five
forty a hundred and fifteen
fifty a hundred thirty five
sixty four 83
eighty 83
one hundred seventy three
Max. radial drive* N one,two 3~100 2100
Max. axial pressure* 1,2 three~one hundred 1050
Entire Load Efficiency % 1 3~ten ≥97%
two fifteen~one hundred ≥94%
Backlash arc.min one three~10 ≤5
two 15~a hundred ≤8

*Greatest radial power and greatest axial power, when the output is 100rpm, it functions on the middle placement (L/2) of the output shaft.

Dimensions (mm):

Product sort No. of phase L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 L9 L10 D1 D2
90AE 1 151 33.7 seventy seven.three 40 36 28 4 3 40 10 Φ90 Φ70G7
2 165.5 ninety one.8
No. of stage D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 B1 H1 G1 G2 G3 Q3
1,two ≤19G7 Φ20h7 Φ30 Φ60h7 Φ90 Φ70 six 22.five M5×12 M6×12 M6×18 80

Specifics of AE collection Planetary Gearbox


Compact output shaft mechanism

It adopts the layout of output shaft built-in program, compact construction, large rigidity, and it can stand up to large effect. Area the input coupling and the solar equipment at the heart of the output shaft to enhance the concentricity of the factors, thus properly managing the equipment clearance and bettering the backlash of the total gearbox.


Complete needle composition

The internal bearing of the planetary gear adopts a complete-needle design, the internal hole is manufactured by a grinding process, the area hardness is HRC60, and the cylindricity is much less than .003mm.

In contrast with AF Sequence
AF sequence planetary gearbox makes use of sq. by means of gap flange, but AE sequence utilizes round threaded flange.
For other requirements, AE series planetary gearbox is comparable with AF collection.

Other Design Types of AE series Planetary Gearbox

A lot more merchandise,remember to simply click here…

Assembly Process

You should comply with the suggestions bellow to assemble the servo motor and reducer. Other than for specified products, there are CZPT dimensions of servo motors, some motors may not be ready to connect with flanges.Therefore, be positive to use the correct motor which is specified when place your purchase.


In Scenario Of Assembling A CZPT Without having Key

one.Consider off the rubber cap, change the enter shaft, and match the head of the bolt to the hole of the rubber cap. Make positive that the repairing bolt is loosened.

two.Slowly place the motor shaft into the enter shaft (Guarantee that it is easily set in with out jam.). Be mindful not to be inserted with the motor tilted.

three.Connect the motor to the reducer and CZPT en the bolt with specified CZPT ening torque. See Table 1.

4.Fasten the correcting bolt of the enter shaft with designated CZPT ening torque wrench, and so forth. See Desk 2.

5.Put on the rubber cap.


Desk one

Motor Mixture Bolt Fastening Torque
(N·m) (kgf·cm)
M3 one. 10
M4 3. 30
M5 5.eight 60
M6 9.8 100
M8 19.six two hundred
M10 39.2 four hundred
M12 68.6 seven-hundred
M16 168 1650

Desk two

Blend Bolt Fastening Torque
(N·m) (kgf·cm)
M3 one.five fifteen
M4 3.five 35
M5 seven.one seventy one
M6 12 120
M8 thirty 300
M10 60 612


Business Profile


Our Companies

1.Routine maintenance time & Guarantee: 1 yr soon after leaving manufacturing unit 
two.Other services: Like modeling variety manual, installation guidebook, and problem taking pictures guide, etc.


Q: What’re your primary goods?
A: We presently generate Brushed DC CZPT s, Brushed DC Gear CZPT s, Planetary DC Gear CZPT s, Brushless DC CZPT s, AC CZPT s, CZPT CZPT Planetary Gearbox and CZPT Cycloidal Gearbox and so on.. You can check out the specifications for over motors on CZPT internet site and you can email us to recommend needed motors for each your specification too.

Q: How to choose a appropriate motor or gearbox?
A:If you have motor pictures or drawings to present us, or you have thorough specifications, this kind of as, voltage, speed, torque, motor measurement, operating method of the motor, required life span and sounds stage and so on, you should do not be reluctant to let us know, then we can recommend appropriate motor for each your request appropriately.

Q: Do you have a CZPT ized provider for your standard motors or gearboxes?
A: Yes, we can CZPT ize per your ask for for the voltage, speed, torque and shaft size/condition. If you need added wires/cables soldered on the terminal or need to incorporate connectors, or capacitors or EMC we can make it way too.

Q: Do you have an specific layout support for motors?
A: Yes, we would like to design motors individually for CZPT CZPT ers, but some variety of  molds are necessory to be developped which may possibly need to have exact value and layout charging. 

Q: What is actually your guide time?
A: Generally speaking, CZPT regular regular item will require 15-30days, a little bit CZPT er for CZPT ized goods. But we are extremely adaptable on the lead time, it will depend on the specific orders.


china  Cost Zd High Precision and Helix Gear Round 90mm Ae Series Planetary Gearbox for Servo Motor manufacturers