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China wholesaler NEMA 17 42mm Stepper Motor Worm Planetary Gear Speed Reducer Gearbox Jk42HS48-1504A-634jsx32 automatic gearbox

Product Description

Products of special request can be made according to the customer request !

Our Company offers 3 major series of products:Hybrid Stepper motors, Brushless Dc motor and Dc Brush motor.
We are always continues develop new type models.If you need other kinds of parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Contact Person: Ms Alice

Application: CNC Machine
Speed: Variable Speed
Number of Stator: Two-Phase
Excitation Mode: HB-Hybrid
Function: Driving
Number of Poles: 4


Customized Request

planetary gearbox

Challenges in Achieving High Gear Ratios with Compactness in Planetary Gearboxes

Designing planetary gearboxes with high gear ratios while maintaining a compact form factor poses several challenges due to the intricate arrangement of gears and the need to balance various factors:

Space Constraints: Increasing the gear ratio typically requires adding more planetary stages, resulting in additional gears and components. However, limited available space can make it challenging to fit these additional components without compromising the compactness of the gearbox.

Efficiency: As the number of planetary stages increases to achieve higher gear ratios, there can be a trade-off in terms of efficiency. Additional gear meshings and friction losses can lead to decreased overall efficiency, impacting the gearbox’s performance.

Load Distribution: The distribution of loads across multiple stages becomes critical when designing high gear ratio planetary gearboxes. Proper load distribution ensures that each stage shares the load proportionally, preventing premature wear and ensuring reliable operation.

Bearing Arrangement: Accommodating multiple stages of planetary gears requires an effective bearing arrangement to support the rotating components. Improper bearing selection or arrangement can lead to increased friction, reduced efficiency, and potential failures.

Manufacturing Tolerances: Achieving high gear ratios demands tight manufacturing tolerances to ensure accurate gear tooth profiles and precise gear meshing. Any deviations can result in noise, vibration, and reduced performance.

Lubrication: Adequate lubrication becomes crucial in maintaining smooth operation and reducing friction as gear ratios increase. However, proper lubrication distribution across multiple stages can be challenging, impacting efficiency and longevity.

Noise and Vibration: The complexity of high gear ratio planetary gearboxes can lead to increased noise and vibration levels due to the higher number of gear meshing interactions. Managing noise and vibration becomes essential for ensuring acceptable performance and user comfort.

To address these challenges, engineers employ advanced design techniques, high-precision manufacturing processes, specialized materials, innovative bearing arrangements, and optimized lubrication strategies. Achieving the right balance between high gear ratios and compactness involves careful consideration of these factors to ensure the gearbox’s reliability, efficiency, and performance.

planetary gearbox

Signs of Wear or Damage in Planetary Gearboxes and Recommended Service

Planetary gearboxes, like any mechanical component, can exhibit signs of wear or damage over time. Recognizing these signs is crucial for timely maintenance to prevent further issues. Here are some common signs of wear or damage in planetary gearboxes:

1. Unusual Noise: Excessive noise, grinding, or whining sounds during operation can indicate worn or misaligned gear teeth. Unusual noise is often a clear indicator that something is wrong within the gearbox.

2. Increased Vibration: Excessive vibration or shaking during operation can result from misalignment, damaged bearings, or worn gears. Vibration can lead to further damage if not addressed promptly.

3. Gear Tooth Wear: Inspect gear teeth for signs of wear, pitting, or chipping. These issues can result from improper lubrication, overload, or other operational factors. Damaged gear teeth can affect the gearbox’s efficiency and performance.

4. Oil Leakage: Leakage of gearbox oil or lubricant can indicate a faulty seal or gasket. Oil leakage not only leads to reduced lubrication but can also cause environmental contamination and further damage to the gearbox components.

5. Temperature Increase: A significant rise in operating temperature can suggest increased friction due to wear or inadequate lubrication. Monitoring temperature changes can help identify potential issues early.

6. Reduced Efficiency: If you notice a decrease in performance, such as decreased torque output or inconsistent speed, it could indicate internal damage to the gearbox components.

7. Abnormal Gear Ratios: If the output speed or torque does not match the expected gear ratio, it could be due to gear wear, misalignment, or other issues affecting the gear engagement.

8. Frequent Maintenance Intervals: If you find that you need to service the gearbox more frequently than usual, it could be a sign that the gearbox is experiencing excessive wear or damage.

When to Service: If any of the above signs are observed, it’s important to address them promptly. Regular maintenance checks are also recommended to detect potential issues early and prevent more significant problems. Scheduled maintenance should include inspections, lubrication checks, and replacement of worn or damaged components.

It’s advisable to consult the gearbox manufacturer’s guidelines for recommended service intervals and practices. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of the planetary gearbox and ensure it continues to operate efficiently and reliably.

planetary gearbox

Examples of High Torque and Compact Design Applications for Planetary Gearboxes

Planetary gearboxes excel in applications where high torque output and a compact design are essential. Here are some scenarios where these characteristics are crucial:

  • Automotive Transmissions: In modern vehicles, planetary gearboxes are used in automatic transmissions to efficiently transmit engine power to the wheels. The compact size of planetary gearboxes allows for integration within the limited space of a vehicle’s transmission housing.
  • Robotics: Planetary gearboxes are utilized in robotic arms and joints, where compactness is essential to maintain the robot’s overall size while providing the necessary torque for precise and controlled movement.
  • Conveyor Systems: Conveyor belts in industries like material handling and manufacturing often require high torque to move heavy loads. The compact design of planetary gearboxes allows them to be integrated into the conveyor system’s framework.
  • Wind Turbines: Wind turbine applications demand high torque to convert low wind speeds into sufficient rotational force for power generation. The compact design of planetary gearboxes helps optimize space within the turbine’s nacelle.
  • Construction Machinery: Heavy equipment used in construction, such as excavators and loaders, rely on planetary gearboxes to provide the necessary torque for digging and lifting operations without adding excessive weight to the machinery.
  • Marine Propulsion: Planetary gearboxes play a crucial role in marine propulsion systems by efficiently transmitting high torque from the engine to the propeller shaft. The compact design is particularly important in the limited space of a ship’s engine room.

These examples highlight the significance of planetary gearboxes in applications where both high torque output and a compact footprint are vital considerations. Their ability to deliver efficient torque conversion within a small space makes them well-suited for a wide range of industries and machinery.

China wholesaler NEMA 17 42mm Stepper Motor Worm Planetary Gear Speed Reducer Gearbox Jk42HS48-1504A-634jsx32   automatic gearbox	China wholesaler NEMA 17 42mm Stepper Motor Worm Planetary Gear Speed Reducer Gearbox Jk42HS48-1504A-634jsx32   automatic gearbox
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china near me 5mm Input Shaft Planetary Gearbox for NEMA 17 Stepper Motor manufacturers

Solution Description


Merchandise Description


The reducer is generally utilized for low-speed and large-torque transmission tools. The motor, internal combustion motor or other higher-speed working CZPT is utilized to obtain the objective of deceleration by meshing with the huge gear on the output shaft through a gear with a small amount of tooth on the enter shaft of the reducer. The reducer will also have numerous pairs of gears with the same basic principle to accomplish the ideal reduction influence. The ratio of the amount of teeth of the large and modest gears is the transmission ratio.


PLE42-42mm Planetry Gearbox L1 four 9
5 9
seven 5
ten 5
L2 sixteen 12
20 12
twenty five 10
28 10
35 10
40 10
50 10
70 10
Adapted motor ∅5-ten/ ∅22-2/F31-M3
Rated Input CZPT (rpm) 3000/min
Max Enter CZPT (rpm) 6000/min
Backlash L1 ≤15 Arcmin
L2 ≤10 Arcmin
Fault stop torque(N.m) 2 instances of rated torque
Efficiency L1 96%
L2 94%
Average daily life span 20000h
Operating temperature -10°~+90°
Nosie  ≤60 db
Weight (kg) L1 0.25
L2 0.35
IP 54
Installation technique Any installation strategy




Manufacturing Assortment

Right here is CZPT all merchandise listing. If you would like to decide on other kinds of planetary gearbox, make sure you CLICKING 1st Photo to View Homepage.


42 Sequence Planetary Gearbox

Backlash: 10-fifteen arcmin

Ratio Variety:

L1: 4,5,7,ten,

L2: twelve,sixteen,20,twenty five,28,35,forty,50,70

Body Dimension: 42mm Input Flange

Equipment Arrangement: Planetary Straight Enamel

60 Sequence Planetary Gearbox

Backlash: ten-fifteen arcmin

Ratio Choice:
L1: 4,5,7,10,
L2: sixteen,twenty,twenty five,28,35,forty,50,70
Body Dimension: 60mm Input Flange
Gear Arrangement: Planetary Straight Enamel

ninety Collection Planetary Gearbox

Backlash: ten-15 arcmin
Ratio Choice:
L1: 4,5,7,ten,
L2: sixteen,twenty,twenty five,28,35,40,50,70
Frame Dimension: 90mm Enter Flange
Gear Arrangement: Planetary Straight Tooth

Powder CZPT Series Planetary Gearbox

Backlash: 10-fifteen arcmin
Ratio Choice:
L1: 4,5,7,10,
L2: sixteen,20,25,28,35,40,50,70
Frame Dimension: 42mm & 57mm
Equipment Arrangement: Planetary Straight Teeth

Correct CZPT le Collection Planetary Gearbox

Backlash: ten-fifteen arcmin
Ratio Variety:
L1: 4,5,7,10,

L2: 16,20,25,28,35,40,50,70
Body Dimension: 60mm & 90mm
Gear Arrangement: Planetary Straight Enamel


Application Subject

Automated Arms


Assembly Line




Health care -Gear




Tapping CZPT


Other CZPT mation Gadgets


Why Pick Us


ZheJiang CZPT CZPT Gear Transmission Co., Ltd




Company Profile



ZheJiang CZPT CZPT Gear Transmission Co., Ltd positioned in HangZhou metropolis, ZheJiang Province, CZPT . It is a top business devoted in precision transmission parts and method study, manufacture and sales, CZPT series of items are manufactured in its 5000 sq. meters workshop, the precision planetary gearbox and equipment motor are produced particularly for photo voltaic vitality business and have served many massive-scale photo voltaic initiatives CZPT ly. 

The study team has much more than 15 many years activities in this subject, who can make sure a punctual and effective services to satisfy CZPT er’s specific needs. It has pasted the ISO9001 quality management program and CE, goods have been exported to heaps of nations with a extensive assortment application in AGV, clever robotic, logistic, industrial automation, photo voltaic energy, vessel, packaging and textile and many others.Consistently, CZPT objective is to advertise the application of photo voltaic CZPT market in the globe, and we imagine it offers thoroughly clean and sustainable strength for humanity to much better shield CZPT setting.





Q1:Which regions are your products largely utilized in?

A:At current, we have two major merchandise: precision planetary equipment reducer and solar geared motor. Most of the precision planetary reducers are utilized in automation fields, these kinds of as medical products, 3D printers, door openers, tapping equipment, CNC lathes and a collection of automation tools. In addition, CZPT solar geared motors are employed in photovoltaic CZPT technology projects, which are mainly blended with rotary drives to push photo voltaic panels to monitor daylight.
Q2: How to choose the suitable planetary gearbox?
A :First of all, we need to have you to be capable to supply pertinent parameters. If you have a motor drawing, it will enable us advocate a suitable gearbox for you CZPT er. If not, we hope you can offer the following motor parameters: output pace, output torque, voltage, recent, IP, noise, operating situations, motor measurement and CZPT , and so on.
Q3: What is the value ?
A : The major identifying factor for the price of every single solution is the get quantity. You can communicate with us and let us understand every single other. I feel that CZPT costs, merchandise high quality and CZPT companies can definitely make you content.

This fall: Do you give CZPT ized support?

A: Indeed, we offer CZPT ized services. You only need to have to set forward your requirements, and we will do CZPT greatest to offer you with a prepare, make ideas, and try CZPT ideal to fulfill your needs.



china  near me 5mm Input Shaft Planetary Gearbox for NEMA 17 Stepper Motor manufacturers

in Sao Jose dos Campos Brazil sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier NEMA 17 Small Stepping Stepper Motor with Spur Gear manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Sao Jose dos Campos Brazil  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier NEMA 17 Small Stepping Stepper Motor with Spur Gear  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

EPG has established up a complete established of quality administration system which is offered with sophisticated inspection and test equipment. Due to our sincerity in offering very best provider to our clientele, comprehending of your requirements and overriding feeling of duty towards filling ordering needs, specialize in electricity transmission goods, CATV merchandise, mechanical seal, hydraulic and Pheumatic, and marketing items.

NEMA seventeen two/3 Phase Stepper Step EPT for cnc EPTT
49mm .48N.m stepper motor

Item identify: NEMA seventeen connector sort hybrid stepping motor
Design Current EPTT torque Size
17S231-01S/D .six .sixteen thirty.1
17S231-02S/D one.2 .16 thirty.one
17S235-01S/D .six .twenty five 34.one
17S235-02S/D 1.two .25 34.1
17S241-01S/D .6 .four forty.one
17S241-02S/D one.2 .4 40.1
17S249-01S/D .six .forty eight forty eight.1
17S249-02S/D 1.2 .forty eight forty eight.one
17S249-03S/D one.eight .forty eight forty eight.one
17S261-01S/D .six .72 sixty.1
17S261-02S/D one.2 .72 60.1
17S261-03S/D one.eight .seventy two 60.one

Merchandise title: NEMA 17 stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd variety hybrid stepping motor
Model Present EPTT torque Size
17H231-01S/D .six .16 thirty.1
17H231-02S/D one.two .16 30.one
17H235-01S/D .6 .25 34.one
17H235-02S/D one.2 .twenty five 34.one
17H241-01S/D .6 .4 forty.one
17H241-02S/D one.2 .4 40.one
17H249-01S/D .6 .forty eight forty eight.1
17H249-02S/D one.2 .forty eight 48.1
17H249-03S/D one.8 .forty eight 48.1
17H261-01S/D .6 .72 sixty.1
17H261-02S/D 1.two .seventy two sixty.1
17H261-03S/D 1.eight .72 60.1

all kinds of change
Our Advantage and Beliefs:

PROSTEPTPER registered cash is 12 million EPTT, factory location is 12,000 sq. meters, and the production site is 10,000 square meters.It has all types of high precision EPTT machining a lot more than one hundred sets, yearly output is 1,500,000sets.
PROSTEPTPER is one of the strongest motor companies in domestic of EPTT.
PROSTEPTPER owns a test cEPTTr, equipped with supply customizing item in accordance to customer’s desire.
EPTT Guarantee:
Certificate: CE / ROHS / ISO9001
EPTT control: interior manage

Use for robots stepper motor, electric powered automated products stepping motor, medical instrument stepping motor, advertisement instrument stepper motor, lighting amp audio tools stepper motor, printer stepper motor, textile EPTTry stepper motor,CNC router stepper motor,3D Printer stepper motor.


Our consumers

Payment: TT, L/C, DP, XiHu (West EPT) Dis.hu (West EPT) Dis.n, Alipay
Shipping time: 2~3 months
Export port: ZheJiang EPTT
Origin: HangEPT, EPTT
HS Code: 850115710

Bundle amp Storage
Within: EPT-density foam box
outdoors: hardboard carton box
EPTT Qty: 15pcs/EPTT
Export bulk EPTT: EPTT Pallet

  in Sao Jose dos Campos Brazil  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier NEMA 17 Small Stepping Stepper Motor with Spur Gear  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Sao Jose dos Campos Brazil  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier NEMA 17 Small Stepping Stepper Motor with Spur Gear  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler