how a lot to lease a submit hole digger?

The rental charge for a write-up hole digger can fluctuate based on aspects these as the sort of digger, rental spot, length of the rental, and any more fees or capabilities integrated. Even so, in this article are some typical price ranges to give you an strategy:

one. Manual post hole digger factory Hole Digger: The rental cost for a manual publish gap digger normally ranges from $fifteen to $30 USD per day. Some rental locations may possibly offer weekly costs that variety from $fifty to $one hundred USD.

2. Gas-Run Submit Gap Digger: The rental value for a fuel-run publish gap digger can range from $fifty to $a hundred USD for each working day. Weekly prices might variety from $200 to $400 USD.

three. Electric-Run Write-up Gap Digger: The rental price for an electrical-powered put up gap digger is commonly very similar to that of a manual digger, ranging from $fifteen to $30 USD for every working day, with weekly charges ranging from $50 to $a hundred USD.

Maintain in brain that these selling price ranges are approximate and can change relying on your spot, the rental service provider, and any extra things unique to your situation. It is really generally a fantastic plan to contact regional tools rental outlets, dwelling improvement centers, or look at on the net rental marketplaces to get correct pricing data and review fees involving diverse rental options.

In addition, rental companies could offer you discounted costs for extended-term rentals, so it truly is value inquiring about weekly or China post hole digger month to month charges if you need to have the publish gap digger for an extended period of time. Don’t ignore to inquire about any affiliated fees, these kinds of as supply or fuel charges, and inquire about the rental terms and ailments, like legal responsibility and coverage coverage.