china manufacturer manufacturer factory Planetary Gearbox for Rollerl Press manufacturers

Solution Description

Item Description

Ratio Selection
JGW Sequence Reducer:25~40
JGR Series Reducer:forty five~ninety

one)Two stage planet wheel and sun wheel have been casehardened and specifically ground. The tooth flank of internal rim of two stage has been nitrided, It is toughness meets the application need.
two)Adopting the sunshine wheel or floating earth holder for the equal loading of two phase world transmission.
three)Adopting of locking disc kind output coupling, makes easy to use and trustworthy.
four)Suspending installation shields the roller mill from overloading.
five)Pressured lubrication for lubricating points with supervision, make it safe and reputable.
six)High efficiency, low sound and clean working.

Sector Overview

Staying up to pace with recent cement industry trends,the company has developed five significant sequence of gearboxes tailor-made for the constructing substance sector,which includes JD(X) and MDH collection side driven mill reducers,JL series vertical mill reducers,JGR collection roller press reducers and JH collection for cement kilns reducers.For roller push reducers,the very first technology JGX(P) sequence has because been upgraded to the CZPT generation JGRW series,which involves 16 types from JGR1622 to JGR4250,with optimum transmission CZPT on to 2,500KW.

Organization information

ZheJiang Gearbox Co.,Ltd(Prior Name:CN Gpower Gearbox Co.,Ltd ) is affiliate company
of CZPT  Shipbuilding Market CZPT (CSIC) and member of CZPT Shipbuilding Industry Company Constrained.
It was founded in 1966 and handles a whole land location of 90,000.Its whole mumber of employee is about 2200,between them are 88 senior and intermediate managers,769 specialist specialists.Its whole asset is much more than 500 hundreds of thousands and owns more than 1400 facilities.
The business gains 84 national  patents and consitutes eighteen national and trade requirements,and the engineering heart of industries of the organization is of condition degree.Our company is one particular of the CZPT 50 Industries CZPT s of ZheJiang and the five hundred Largest CZPT ry Industries in CZPT .
After almost fifty years’ growth,CN Gpower has grown to a skilled company specializing in R&D and generation for case-hardened gearing models,couplings and dampers.
With items obtaining vast software in industries and sectors this kind of as shipbuilding,cement,wind CZPT ,nuclear CZPT ,metallurgy,locomotive,offshore CZPT ,railway transportation and CZPT equipment and so on.,the firm has expanded into a large-owned organization that conglomerates program integration,engineering an construction outsourcing,worldwide buying and selling.


china  manufacturer  manufacturer  factory Planetary Gearbox for Rollerl Press manufacturers